Cheaters Never Win

Yesterday I had an annoying sinus headache, which resulted in very little sleep for me. BOTH kids actually slept through the night, but I tossed and turned from 12-1 before giving up and playing Angry Birds until I finally fell asleep around 4am. To be awakened at 7 by two well rested children.

I probably should have stayed far, far away from the kitchen.

While the baby napped, and the four and a half year old watched movies entertained herself, I relaxed with my new favorite past time- obsessively reading cookie blogs. Today I drooled over flipped through four months of my new favorite blog: The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle.

And I found this:

(hmmm, can’t figure out how to insert a link. I’ll work on that, meanwhile this recipe is worth a cut and paste)

So, I immediately took out some butter. I felt a little guilty that I was neglecting my daughter (out of exhaustion- okay, out of need to bake- not so okay) so I measured out the ingredients for her and let her mix the dough. (Oh- cute side note: earlier, before I had any coffee, and I was very cranky, I snapped at her when she asked me for something. I said, “you always ask me for things for you, but you never say, ‘mommy, can I help you?'”. So, of course, the second she found out I was going to make cookies, she asked me, “mommy, can I help you? See, that was nice of me, right?” … My heart melted, but I soon realized the definition of “help” is actually “eat chocolate chips out of the bag.”)

Oh anyway, like I said, I was exhausted. And the thought of prepping icing bags, and then having to clean up the mess afterwards was extremely unappealing. (The definition of “help” does not yet include doing dishes.) So I just spooned the icing into plastic baggies and snipped off the corner. I had done this for years, but I switched to piping tips when I decided that I wanted to learn how to do things right. I did not realize, until today, what a difference a tip makes. That is why cheaters never win. I thought about not even posting pictures of the result, they are so bad. Then I realized: No one is reading this blog yet! Not even my husband! Maybe my mom, but I don’t think she has had the time since I told her about it yesterday. So there is no reason to be embarrassed about something that no one will ever see!

Besides, if I do make it big, I will need some early posts to reference later, for a good laugh! So here they are (they taste amazing though… so it doesn’t matter how they look, right?)

I also experimented with some new techniques: Some of the gold coins in the shamrock picture are coated in gold luster dust, some in yellow sanding sugar. The pots of gold are coated in luster dust and topped with sanding sugar. The house started as an attempt at Rapunzel’s tower, but it was very hard to control the icing, so there wasn’t much room for detail.

I also played a little with icing consistency and marbling (which was fun, and I can’t wait to try again)

So that was it for today. These cookies were delicious, I wish I had done it right. I think the rainbows with a pot of gold could have been adorable if I had taken my time with it. Maybe I’ll try again later in the week and compare the two pictures.

Good Night! (Here’s hoping for better sleep for me!)


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