It’s all about Benjamin

I have not had time to clean my house (thank you, Bryan!), let alone compose a blog, and this is why: My baby boy turned one this past Wednesday!!! I was so inspired by the beautiful party styling featured on Pizzazerie’s blog that I really wanted to try something similar (on a much smaller scale, since we only had grandparents over for cake).

My theme was Sesame Street, but I didn’t want to go with the typical character based decorations. When I made my cookies, I colored the B’s and the 1’s in simple primary colors and polka dots. So when I found polka dot fabric at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, I went with it. This was the result….

The desert table


Marshmallow characters

A tribute to Elmo's best friend, Dorothy


"C" is for Cookies


And the cake!

And, like I said, this was for the grandparents. His big party is in April. We are expecting about 80 people.

I can’t wait!!!!




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