Cute Cowgirl Hats For A Cute Cowgirl’s Birthday Party (tutorial)

Happy Birthday, Isabella!

My niece, Isabella, turns four today! She had her party yesterday, complete with fun bouncy slides and castles, pizza, cake, and a giant purple monkey who came around- resulting in 3 screaming children-one actually running out of the room. Unfortunately no one caught that one on video- it definitely would have been a contender on America’s Funniest!

Anyway, Isabella is a big fan of the Toy Story movies, but especially, being the girly girl that she is,  Jessie (the yodelling cowgirl).

My sister-in-law requested some Jessie themed cookies for the party, our inspiration was this project featured on But I had something larger in mind, so the gumdrop tops just would not work.

So, would you like to see how I made some very cute, very easy cowgirl hat cookies for Isabella?

First, I simply added red food coloring directly to the dough (since red was the only color I needed, I just added directly to the dough during the mixing process. If you want several different colors, you can also knead a small amount of color into a small amount of dough after you mix it, just remember that you will probably need to re-chill the dough before you can roll it out):

It’s best to use a paste or gel coloring, since liquid food coloring will change the consistency of the dough. It’s very concentrated so usually you don’t need too much, but I still needed a lot to get the shade of red I wanted. I used Wilton’s no-taste red, but I ran out and used Wilton’s red-red for the second batch. The “red-red” resulted in a much deeper red and required less coloring, and I, personally didn’t notice a difference in taste…. not that I sampled the raw dough or anything!

After chilling the dough for at least an hour, roll out to about 1/4 inch thick on a well floured surface (because of the food coloring, this dough was stickier than my usual dough), and cut out one larger circle, and two medium circles. I think mine were 3 1/2 inches and 1 1/2 inches. Bake these for the amount of time your recipe calls for. Let cool completely and use royal icing to attach:

I piped a swirl on one medium circle and placed that one on top of the other medium circle. Then I piped a really thick line around the edge of the bottom circle so that when I pushed it onto the larger circle, the white royal icing would ooze out from underneath creating a “hat band”.

Then, using your white icing and a #2 tip, pipe your details:

Add a super cute cow print four on a stick, and you’ve got an adorable “Jessie from Toy Story” party favor for an adorable “Jessie from Toy Story” fan!

For some truly amazing cookies made using this technique, check out these cookies by SugarBelle: Nail polish bottles and cupcakes . And while you are on her site, just look at all of her beautiful creations. She is truly talented and inspiring.

Happy Birthday, Isabella!!!!!XOXO



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