A “Pigeon” Playdate with Ellie

Ellie and I had another “theme day” on Saturday (she’s four and a half so we have a lot of “theme days”). Lately she has been into the books by Mo Willems. I love these books. He really gets the sense of humor of a young child. If you have never heard of him, his books include, “Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus” (which earned a Caldecott medal), “Knuffle Bunny- A Cautionary Tale” , a series of books about “Elephant and Piggie“, and many more.

We started by playing Ellie’s favorite computer game, which we found on Pigeonpresents.com. The game is based on one of the Pigeon books, (“Pigeon Finds A HotDog“). You are given a hotdog and a selection of toppings, everything from mustard to dirty socks. After dressing up your hotdog, Pigeon comes out and comments on it. Ellie rolls around on the floor laughing every time she plays this game. When we got tired of dressing up virtual hotdogs, we stopped and had some hotdogs of our own for lunch.

This week, we had a very nice surprise. Ellie’s cousins stopped by for a little while. We read “Don’t Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late”  and “Knuffle Bunny Too, A Case Of Mistaken Identity” while we ate our snacks:

I’m glad I made a few extra! (One of my Easter bunny cutters got a second job as a Knuffle Bunny, and the Pigeon is a circle with a bunny ear for a neck and a mini Halloween ghost inserted a la Sugarbelle’s technique for a beak).

Unfortunately we do not have a Pigeon or a Knuffle Bunny costume (as costumes are an important part of our theme days), and thank goodness Ellie did not ask me to make one for her!

This playdate was so easy to put together. There are a ton of activities on that Pigeon Presents website, and tons of books to read out loud. There is even a “Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus” board game that we don’t own, but I just saw at Target today. There is also a DVD of a few Mo Willems books in the Scholastic books series. Ellie loves it, because she gets to interact with the Pigeon.

I hope this post gave you some ideas, maybe for a rainy day.

Thanks for reading!

I linked this post to 5 a Day Books at The Imagination Tree


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