Mothers’ Day Cookies

I really, really wanted to try the lemon-poppyseed roll out cookies from Callye of The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle, and since mothers’ day just happens to be tomorrow, I had a good reason! Callye decorated her cookies like beautiful lemons and limes. She even generously shared a tutorial so we can all try to make our cookies as beautiful as hers! But, since I didn’t want to be a complete copycat, I decided to highlight the OTHER ingredient.. the poppy! And once I started to roll with it, I realized how perfect it was. My grandmother’s kitchen (before they redid it several years ago) was covered in bright yellow, red, and blue, poppy-printed wallpaper!

Here is the original recipe from SugarBelle, and here is her tutorial for making the lemons and limes using the wet-on-wet technique.

And here are my mother’s day poppy-seed cookies! Inspired by my grandmother’s kitchen, SugarBelle’s recipe, and probably a little bit of Ali Bee’s Bakeshop, too. (I have been obsessed with turquoise and red lately and I think I have these cookies stuck in my head.)

The polka dot cookies are regular vanilla cookies with my version of royal icing, the big red poppies are chocolate roll outs with the same royal icing, and the brushed on poppies are the lemon poppy seed roll outs with royal icing (for those, I added a splash of lemon juice to replace some of the water).

That’s black sanding sugar. I bought it so long ago, and never opened the bottle. I guess I knew it would come in handy someday!

I have also been trying a lot of brush embroidery lately. For an excellent tutorial on brush embroidery check out Ali Bee’s Bakeshop (I guess she DID inspire a good part of these cookies!)

Two more things: 1- I also made a bunch of the lemon poppyseed cookies with just lemon rind and sugar on top (like SugarBelle’s) and they were AMAZING! My husband, my neighbor, and my inlaws all had the same reaction… “mmm-MMMM!” And they were so quick to make, so they could be a great last minute hostess gift!

2- I owe Bryan, my husband a HUGE thanks for this! He was actually home last night, so we wanted to have a (rare) date/movie night. We rented “Black Swan” on demand, and he watched from the couch while I watched from the breakfast bar, where I was busy decorating cookies. This is a transcription of the majority of our conversations during the movie:

Bryan: “Woah, did you see that?”

Stephanie: “No, give me a second to finish the details on this one cookie, then can you rewind that?”

Love you, Bry!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! As my card from my very thoughtful friend, Marisa, read, “I hope you get to drink at least half a cup of coffee before you have to do something for someone”!


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