Random Acts Of My Children (Involving Ice Cream and Cookies)

Anyone know a band looking for a drummer?

If anyone gets hungry, I can also whip up some mean spaghetti right here in my drum!

 If I lack in rhythm, I make up for it in noise and enthusiasm. Oh, and I will work for Cheerios! (Or any food for that matter! Maybe ice cream???)

Last night, Ellie and I made our own ice cream. I never realized how easy it is! We will probably do a version of this every night this summer!

(Slightly adapted from Parent’s Magazine, June 2011 issue)

In a quart size freezer bag, pour 1 cup milk, 1/4 cup sugar, and 1/4 tsp vanilla. (Add any other flavoring here, too. Ellie wanted hers blue- like the cotton candy flavor at Cold Stone Creamery, so I added a miniscule drop of blue food coloring). Squeeze the air out of the bag and seal well.

Place bag in a gallon size freezer bag and add to that bag 2 cups ice and 3/4 cup coarse salt. Seal bag and place the whole contraption in a plastic grocery bag.

Shake bag for 10 minutes or so (also a good arm workout!). When milk mixture is thick, rinse  the salt off of the quart bag and enjoy your ice cream!

Blue Ice Cream

Ellie was a little camera shy last night, so I didn’t get a good picture of her making the ice cream.

Tonight, I think I may puree some fresh strawberries to add to the bag and serve it on top of one of these

"Killer Chocolate Chip Cookies" from Hugs and Cookies xoxo

(For the cookie recipe go to Hugs and Cookies xoxo on Facebook, or her blog. Make sure you “Like” her on Facebook. I have tried two recipes so far from her weekly bake-a-longs and I haven’t been disappointed yet!)



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