300 “Like” Appreciation Post



There are A LOT of really talented cookie decorators out there. I am in awe, every day, of what I see coming in through my facebook feed. I am so thrilled that there are 300+ people out there who WANT to see what I create (some of them are actually the people I admire so much, which positively blows my mind). Sooo… I wanted to do something to show my appreciation.

I picked up this ceramic berry bowl at Sur La Table (right down the street from me, so dangerous…) and I had thought it would make an adorable hostess gift this summer.

But, I loved it sooo much, I didn’t want to give it up. So I bought more (I now own 2 red and 2 white):

And that beautiful turquoise basket? That’s from Anthropologie (same shopping center as Sur La Table… very dangerous).

I still wanted to pass one on, but I didn’t want to give up one of mine (I can be selfish… especially when I picture how cute they would be filled with berries on a brunch table).

Don’t you think? Maybe for the Fourth of July? Filled with strawberries and blueberries, topped with whipped cream? Or filled with mini strawberry shortcakes? Or filled with (and you knew this was coming because I make cookies) strawberry shaped cookies?

So I sent Bryan back to Sur La Table to pick up a few more berry baskets (because I am still not giving up any of mine). And while he was there, he also picked up a strawberry cookie cutter. I put it all together, and this is what I’m giving away:

(But not the cake stand, I’m selfish, remember?)


So to enter this give-away , CONTEST CLOSED!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING!I just want you to do one more thing for me. I just want you to check out a blog site and leave a message here telling me you did. Let me give you a quick background. A few weeks ago, a devastating tornado whipped through Joplin, MO leaving damage that will take A LOT of time and money to repair. Being from NJ, I can’t even imagine. But two of my favorite, very talented cookie ladies (Jen from JP Creatibles and Alison from Ali Bee’s Bake Shop) wanted to do something to help raise money. On top of running their own cookie businesses, they will be running an online bakesale/auction to benefit the Joplin community.


I will make it so easy to check out their site by leaving you the link here: prayersloveandjoplin.blogspot.com

So just visit their site, come back here, and leave me a comment letting me know you did.

You can also enter a few more ways:   CONTEST CLOSED!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING!

1-Check out prayersloveand joplin.blogspot.com (the only condition that is mandatory)

2-follow my blog! (I’m NOT making this mandatory… I know I am just starting out, so I haven’t quite got my formula down yet, LOL)

3-like Ali Bee’s on facebook (tell her I sent you!)

4- like JP Creatibles on facebook (tell her I sent you!)

If you do all four (or if you already follow my blog, or if you already like Alison or Jen on facebook, let me know- that counts) you can leave me four separate comments. Oh, and PLEASE leave me your email so I can get in touch with you!!!!


Sunday night, I will write down as many numbers as there are comments and put them all in a bowl and pick one out. That’s how I’ll get the winner (fancy, huh?)

If you don’t win, and you really want this prize, and you don’t live near a Sur La Table, I will be donating another strawberry cookie filled red ceramic berry bowl to Prayers Love and Joplin’s auction.

Thanks for reading! Good luck!


PS…2 things

-I am not sure what is required to ship something like this overseas, so I am afraid I have to limit this give-away to those in the continental US. But PLEASE don’t let this stop you from checking out prayersloveandjoplin.blogspot.com

-I do not use any nuts or nut products in my cookies, but I do live with a family of peanut butter lovers, and these cookies ARE made in my home (I do not sell them, but I think it’s OK for give-away purposes). And I think the cocoa in the chocolate cookies may be produced in a plant that processes nuts. If you do have an allergy (or one to gluten, eggs, or dairy) and you still want to enter ,let me know and I will simply omit the cookies and just send you the berry bowl and cookie cutter. I am sure I will find a use for the cookies 🙂



50 thoughts on “300 “Like” Appreciation Post

  1. I also visited the website as well and will be looking forward to helping the folks in Joplin. You are so kind to direct everyone there!

  2. Steph
    I am so glad you are finally getting out there. I hope you do great. It’s also great that you are linked with other people. The Joplin sight is so sad. I hope your blog helps them.

  3. As your SIL I think it would be cheating to win this but ohhhhh how I love your cookies. I followed all of your directions because you are older and wiser. So, if you pick my number consider holding them until next weekend and then quickly repick another number because they are too many WW points for me and plus we got “butt” cookies.

  4. Hi Stephanie, I’ve already liked both Jp and Ali for a while now and visited the Joplin website already too (I have a cousin in Joplin who lost her home). Love watching for your new photos! 🙂

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