Happy Father’s Day (Cookies)

This has been such a busy week! With Ellie’s ballet recital, a trip to the zoo, and a 2.5 hour drive out to see my brother’s silver scalpel ceremony (as he graduates from his general surgery residency and prepares for his fellowship in colorectal surgery). And of course, the end of the year parties.

I had a million ideas for father’s day cookies (and these are the cutest cookies I have ever seen from Munchkin Munchies ), but none of the fathers in my life wear ties! We have two dentists and an RN. So, this is what I came up with and what Father’s Day has come to mean to me:

Hanging around the pool at my Aunt and Uncle’s house, with my Uncle’s favorite “beer” (LOL!)

And (under the influence of SugarBelle….) not one of these cookies was made with a cookie cutter intended for the cookie with which it was made (huh? I am tired!)

Baby Onesie = Women’s swim suit. Guitar = Beer Bottle. Present (with bow cut off) = Men’s swim trunks. Butterfly = Flip-flops.

(For the post that influenced these cookies see http://sweetsugarbelle.blogspot.com/2011/06/little-luau-cookies-and-where-to-shop.html :)

I have used that onesie more times in the past week than I have ever, and I have not made a single baby cookie this week. More on that later! Have a great Father’s Day!!!!



One thought on “Happy Father’s Day (Cookies)

  1. Great cookies Steph!!! I know how you came up with the name “Ellie’s Bites,” but as for now, your secret is safe with me. Happy Father’s Day to Bryan!!!

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