Pirates and Princesses Cookies

This week was Pirates week at camp and today the kids got to come in dressed in their best pirate or princess costume. To Ellie, that meant Rapunzel. To me, it meant finally having an excuse to try SugarBelle’s Easy Pirate cookies.

For instructions see her post: Easy Pirate Faces

I added a little “bling” because 4 and 5 year old boys like sparkle just as much as 4 and 5 year old girls. They kind of remind me of “One Eye’d Willie”. Please tell me you know “One Eye’d Willie”. Am I dating myself? The movie is not THAT old…. AND it’s a classic!

I made some princesses too.

Of course, I didn’t have either necessary cookie cutter. So rather than hand cutting, because that is not as much fun, I improvised.

Medium circle with star points for bandana ties, and an inverted tulip with the center petal removed and a double heart for the crown.

I only wish I had taken a little more time on their faces. I mean, I should have at least given them noses (and maybe reoutlined the princesses faces- they looked better in person). But I was tired, and I just thought, “they are cookies. They don’t need to smell. Go to bed.” Oh well. I know the 4 and 5 year old princesses and pirates enjoyed them.




One thought on “Pirates and Princesses Cookies

  1. Loved the post! and loved your cookies! I liked seeing the cutters you used to make your own pirates and princesses – so clever! 🙂 And YES, I know exactly who One Eyed Willie is! 😉 I must have watched Goonies 100 times ~ love that movie! So, I must be dating myself, too! lol Beautiful cookies, Stephanie! ~ Kara

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