Super Easy Halloween Cookies For The Procrastinators

Growing up, I always knew to be ready to leave 15 minutes before my father said we were going to leave. That’s just the way it was. I went to the movies once, and my dad was going to pick us up at 9:00. Well, the movie let out at 8:30, so my friend and I walked across the parking lot to the ice cream place and we were back in front of the theater by about 8:55. And there was my dad with his arms crossed in front of his chest, tapping his foot. And I knew I was grounded. Because he got there at 8:45 and I should have been ready.

I carried this with me all through college and my first several jobs. In fact, I liked arriving early to class, or work, or doctors appointments. Because I could sit, drink my coffee, read a book, relax.

Then I had a baby. My little girl, Ellie. (I may have mentioned she is starting Kindergarden next week.)  Once she came along, I was never early… but I was ON TIME for everything, and that was still OK.

Then I had Ben. Now I am LUCKY if I am only 15 minutes late. In fact, if I THINK I am on time, it is because I forgot something crucial and I have to run home and get it, and then I will be late. These days, if I plan on doing something on Monday, I MIGHT finish it on Wednesday.

I DID make some Halloween cookies, though. (I still haven’t finished my Back-to-School cookies… they are still sitting on the counter in an airtight bag, waiting….). I actually found some cute cookie cutters I had picked up back in May and I had been meaning to use all Summer. Oh well… they made some cute Halloween cookies. Can you tell what Summer cutters I used?

These guys are easy….

I used a Wilton Teddy Bear and cut off the ears.

Can you tell what cookie cutters I used to make Mrs. Frankenstein (although I thought to myself later that I’m not sure if she actually was either green OR scarred….) and the Alien Guy?

I will be back soon to show you what I used, AND show you how to make them. I promise. Really… soon. I will. *Sigh*


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