First Day of Kindergarden (Cookies)

Well… I can’t say my back-to-school cookies never got decorated. I did the school bus, but it was a big old disaster. (Our air conditioner seems to have gone on strike- someone is coming out tomorrow, hopefully it will be an easy fix- and it was so humid in here for a couple of days that cookie baking this week has become an exercise in improvisation. I don’t know how people in humid climates do it!) So I ate it scrapped it and tried something different. But this post is not entirely about cookies. It is about the heart break that comes along with watching your child grow up. Although there is A LOT of satisfaction in knowing that my little girl is so confidant that she got on the bus and didn’t look back. The bus driver had to call her back to the door so we could take pictures, wave, and blow kisses. And knowing that she is happy, makes us happier. So I’ll get back to the cookie in a minute. First I present my peanut:

Did you notice how she just grew up before your eyes? Yep- that’s how it was for us too.

So- if you really just came to see the cookies, and you scrolled through memory lane… you can stop scrolling here, and read on.

With the humidity and my royal icing failure, I knew I didn’t want to make another cookie that relied on icing for decoration. So I made a batch of Lila Loa’s amazing chocolate cookie dough because it tastes awesome without icing, and I made these:

Yes- that is my peanut’s tiny hand

To minimize the chance of injury, I traced her hand onto a piece of cardstock and used that as a template (rather than cutting around her hand directly into the dough with a razor sharp knife….).

And in this way- I have immortalized my daughter’s first day of school. And by immortalize, I mean that I will keep this cookie in the freezer until my husband finds it and says “what is this 20 year old cookie doing all the way in the back of the freezer under the bag of edemame?”

And in case you were wondering, the first day was amazing! Despite the fact that we put her on the bus without her backpack and Bryan had to jump in the car and drive to the school to give it to her as she got off the bus (yes, we are THOSE parents).

Thank you for reading! How did you celebrate back-to-school?

(PS- I am still very nervous about posting picture of my kids, so I am asking nicely… PLEASE don’t reproduce any images of my daughter, pin the images of her directly onto pinterest, or use her picture as the thumbprint if you share this post on FaceBook!!!! Thank you! ❤ Stephanie)


3 thoughts on “First Day of Kindergarden (Cookies)

  1. OMG!! Yes how quickly they do grow up. She is just adorable. I love reading your blog and you always make me laugh, smile, cry, I guess run the whole emotional gamut!!! Love, love, love it!!

  2. I would love to decorate cookies i just can’t seem to find the right sugar cookie recipe! And the royal frosting I have tried it but it never works out for me! I don’t want to just give up! I think about cookies all the time and every time i see them it just inspires me to try again!

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