Fall Leaf Cookies

Although it has been hovering around 80 degrees lately, and the leaves are only just starting to show a little yellow through the green, Ellie and I have been trying to get into  the Fall spirit. On Sunday, I decided we should paint some cut out leaves in fall colors to hang in the window. After one leaf, she decided to paint “whatever I want”, and how do you say to a five-year-old, “No, don’t be creative- do what I want so I can be crafty and decorate”??? So she made this:

(It’s an apple tree in the sun if you couldn’t tell…) And I decided to brainstorm some cookies. And get my fall leaf fix.

These were sooooo easy.

Start with your cookies cut out in leaf shapes, outline in caramel (I mixed Americolor gold with a few drops of brown) and flood in light gold. While still wet, pipe the veins of the leaf. Let dry completely.

Once completely dry, (and here is where it gets fun): pour a few drops of your favorite fall color food coloring on a plate and prepare your….SPONGE BRUSHES!!!!

Now proceed to release your inner five-year-old and go nuts. Just one tip- remember to blot the sponge on a paper towel after dipping in the coloring before painting the cookie. Oh- and dab the brush gently. The more pressure you use, the more likely you are to get well defined circles, which isn’t really the look we are going for.

Once they dried (overnight) I used a thin brush to paint a little gold luster dust along the veins.

You can also use a stencil to decorate a plain shape…

I played around a little bit with my basic cookie dough recipe and came up with a maple, vanilla, cinnamon version. I think they came out really good, but I want to take some to work today and get a few more (unbiased- or as unbiased as my mom can be) opinions before I share the recipe. PLUS that means you will have to check back and see!!! 😛

Have a great day!!!


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