31 Days of Halloween (Day 1- Here We Go!) Caramel Apple Bites

I’ve been a Halloween maniac this year, unable to stop myself from buying up all of the magazines, cookie cutters, sprinkles, cookie cutters, and cookie cutters that I have been seeing everywhere. Add that to the millions several adorable pins I have been adding to my “Fall” board on Pinterest, and we have more than enough project ideas to keep us busy this month. I was afraid that all of the magazines and cookie cutters would wind up covered in cobwebs if I didn’t somehow MAKE myself use them, so Ellie and I decided to try to do at least one project for every day in October.

Since the kids were off of school yesterday, my niece and nephew joined us for project number one: caramel apples. Since the kids only range in age from eighteen months to five years, I figured whole apples would be too hard to bite, so I sliced the apples first, and placed each slice on a stick. Then my sister-in-law dipped the slices in the melted caramel, and we let each child (except the baby) decorate them with toppings.

We used Granny Smith apples, mini chocolate chips, Halloween sprinkles, candy corn, and mini marshmallows.

This was serious business.

Very serious.

A certain little man was a little jealous that his mommy wouldn’t let him play with molten caramel.

When they were done, the girls got to enjoy their hard work.

My nephew enjoyed some caramel strait from the spoon.

And the baby got to enjoy… an apple on a stick.

He didn’t seem to know (or care) what he was missing.

Day 2’s project is lined up…. lets see how far we can take this (I have commitment issues, LOL!).


28 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween (Day 1- Here We Go!) Caramel Apple Bites

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  12. What did you use for the stick? I am wondering if a regular dowel that would be used for a Carmel apple would be too big for slices

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    • I hate to say I don’t remember exactly! Probably the individually wrapped Brachs? I don’t know if you got to read the following post, but these apples were awesome right after making them, but by the next day the caramel had started to slide off. If you’re making them with the class, I’d do it as a snack they’ll be eating right away, not something to take home. I hope you have fun!!!

  18. Is there a way to keep the apples from browning if you are going to do this at a baby shower where they are going to be sitting for awhile?

    • We cut and made these the same day, but I have read that you can dip apple slices in lemon juice, or a mixture of lemon juice and water to keep them from browning.
      The way these worked for us, the apples are best if consumed shortly after dipping, like if you were to use them in a dessert bar, as opposed to having guests make them to take home. When we left them over night, the caramel slid off. Hope that helps!

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