Going Batty (Day 2)

A quick note about yesterday’s project…If you are slicing the apples, it is best to eat them the same day. The juice mixed with the caramel, causing it to slide off the sides. They still taste good, but they are a little messy….

We went with an inedible project this time since the last involved so much sugar. We made flying bats (one of many things that will wind up decorating our window this month, I am sure).

We used one sheet of black construction paper- cut in half, a toilet paper roll (you could also use half of a paper towel roll) and white printer paper cut into eyes and fangs. We also had ears that I forgot about until later, so they are not in this picture.

Using glue, we rolled one piece of the black paper onto the cardboard roll, then used mini binder clips to hold it until it was dry.

Then we glued on the ears, eyes, and fangs.

We realized that the glue would need to dry for several minutes, so we decided to decorate the wings with glitter glue in the mean time.

Then we realized that the glitter glue would need several HOURS to dry. So we left it overnight, then glued the wings on in the morning, and held them in place with binder clips again.

We threaded ribbon throught the tube, and *Viola!* bats are the first of our friends to adorn the chandelier.

We’ve got lots of fun things lined up. Well… they will be fun for us, I hope they are fun for you, too!


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