Ellie’s Halloween Cookies (Day 7)

I won an awesome Halloween cookie care package from Toss Your Cookies which included mini halloween cookie cutters. I made some chocolate cookie dough and added a few drops of black food coloring to make the dough darker (this great idea is courtesy of Lila Loa) and let Ellie loose in the kitchen.

Even Ben got into the action…

The cookies baked, cooled, and the next day, she got to decorate them! I was actually considering letting her try royal icing and piping bags, but at the last second I chickened out and found an emergency container of canned frosting in the pantry (FYI- I’m not talking about a BAKING emergency but that’s our little secret, ok?).

I guess she hasn’t learned if you want to sample the icing, without being caught, don’t sample from the bowl that has been tinted black.

And, of course, Ben got to decorate his.

My best advice would be to eat at your own risk.


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