Candy Corn, Kisses, and Pretzels (Day 11)

This particular treat has been all over Pinterest, and it looked so easy and yummy. It is very kid friendly, too.

First, put your child to work unwrapping those “Hugs”.

While she is doing this, line up the pretzels onto a foil lined baking sheet. (Tip- if you plan to make 2 dozen, give your child 2 dozen plus 2 chocolates, that way you don’t have to argue about why there suddenly aren’t enough chocolates to go on the pretzels.)

Place a chocolate on each pretzel and bake for about 5 minute at 350 degrees. Take out of oven and immediately press a candy corn into each one. Let cool completely.

Eat them all as fast as your hands can travel to your mouth pack them up into little jars and give out to your neighbors as a yummy fall treat (this may be a good time to start kissing up to the neighbors who give out full sized chocolate bars for Halloween- just saying).

Either way, enjoy- they are very yummy. And so easy to do with the kids.


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