Spooky Cakes (Day 12)

Last year I had this great idea. I was going to dye cupcake batter green, and bake it directly in the pan, without liners. Then when it was done, I would have this perfectly green cake with a flat top that I could decorate to look like Frankenstein’s monster. If you’ve ever baked a cake, you know why my vision didn’t happen for me. Although the inside was perfectly green, the outside was browny green. Yuck. Since I didn’t want to trash them, I wound up turning them into cake balls.

Then I forgot about it. Until I found this on Pinterest. And I thought, “frost this in green, and it’s a Frankenstein head!!!”

I baked up a few mini cakes in ramekins and crumb coated them. Then let them chill in the fridge overnight. Then Ellie and I decorated them.  I wanted to make a Frankenstein (of course) and she wanted to make a spider web with a spider on top. This is what we came up with.

My Spider.

The absolute most beautiful spider in the world.

My Frank.

The most amazing, creative Frankenstein cake ever made. (Inspired by this famous guy.)

Should I be embarrassed that my cakes (I would NOT, by an means, call myself a cake person) suffer in comparison to a five-year-old’s?


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