Fang Cookies (Day 13)

I’m sure it happens all the time. You have a really good cookie idea, and you don’t see it anywhere so you think it’s original. Then you purposely don’t search for it, just in case it is out there. You make your dough, put it in the fridge to chill, and sit down at the computer. And there it is. Right at the top of your Facebook new feed. Not only did someone do it, but that someone is extremely talented and creative. Suddenly you’re not too sure you even want to try. Then that amazingly talented cookie artist says to you, “do it anyway” and you say, “of course, My Cookie Idol, I will do anything you tell me to do”. So you look through your Halloween cookie cutters sure that you had bought that fang cutter, but you can’t find it anywhere. Then you realize… You have to be creative anyway, and put your own stamp on an idea that has been done.

I started with a smile cutter that I had, and cut out two smiles. I roll my dough a little thinner when I do cookies on a stick, and sandwich the stick between two thinner cookies (I never have luck inserting the stick into the dough without breaking it).

Outline the lips in red piping icing, then thin the red icing with water and fill the bottom lip. Let this dry for a while so the top and bottom lips stay separate.

After you add the top lip, let dry completely. I let it sit overnight. When you are ready, roll out white fondant to about 1/8 inch thick. Cut fondant into a rectangle and cut diagonally to create long triangles.

Attach to your smile with a little icing, Then proceed to try to take pictures of your kids.

Just be warned that the 19 month old probably wont understand the concept of holding a cookie in front of his face and posing for a picture.

Check out these awesome fang cookies from The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle (aforementioned “Cookie Idol”)!!!!

I have another cookie along these lines coming up tomorrow…. will someone beat me to it? 


3 thoughts on “Fang Cookies (Day 13)

  1. Love them! I love the idea of rolling the cookies a bit thinner and then putting two of them together…I too hate inserting those white sticks! I actually switched from those to thin, narrow popsicle sticks. You can get them at Hobby Lobby and they work great! I’m not sure if Michael’s has them? If not, a regular pop sicle stick works as well…just an idea if you don’t want to roll out two cookies =)

    Thanks for the great post Chica!


  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel!! Every time I make cookies, I feel like I have to take pictures and post them within 3 seconds before someone else does it first!! These are great! I love how you just modified the lip cutter!

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