Double Double, Toil And Trouble (Day 14)

Oh, my darling Ellie. Even though you can really be a witch sometimes, I love you to pieces- warts and all ❤

This would have been just a little cuter if I could have hunted down her witch’s hat. I’m sure it will turn up tomorrow. In the meantime- that’s a black cat on her shoulder if that helps.

I cut out a random pointy witch nose shape and baked it onto a stick. Then I outlined and flooded it in a green (to which I added just a tad too much brown). After it dried, I went back and traced back over the nostril (letting it dry again, and going over it a third time- to add a little dimension) and added some warts (I used chocolate jimmies to give the warts a “hairy” look). Then I colored in the underside of the nostril with a black food color marker, and re-outlined the whole thing in piping icing.

I wasn’t really thinking pictures when I made this, so I apologize for the lack of step-by-step. They really weren’t difficult at all, though. I did manage to get a picture that showed the nostril in detail (It’s halloween- is there any other time we can bake cookies that focus on nostrils and hairy warts?).

And if your children are starting to get tired of being photographed, and you really only get one shot that is only a little blurry (as opposed to very blurry) OR the cookie falls off the stick? You can add a half of a mini-marshmallow with a black dot in the middle and you’ve got yourself a crocodile!

So now we are 14 days in. Ellie is starting to get annoyed with all of the quality time, and I only have about eight or nine more ideas up my sleeve. Do you have any suggestions or something you’d like to see? I’m off to Pinterest in search of inspiration!


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