Candy Corn Pancakes (Day 16)

I don’t know if I am just being a mom here, but I personally think my kids are the funniest kids in the world. Like the other day when Ellie asked if I step on the “fix”to make the car go. When I told her I wasn’t sure what she was asking me, she replied “You break the car to make it stop, so do you fix it to make it go?” I remember reading somewhere that kids her age ask somewhere around three thousand questions a day. But do they all put so much thought into their questions?

This morning, she crawled into bed with me and asked, in her sweetest voice, if I could make candy corn pancakes for breakfast. What she meant was, could I make her pancakes and put candy corn on top. But she got these instead.

Now, Ben- has officially entered his terrible two phase. He is still as sweet and cuddly as can be, but ask him anything, and the answer is “No” or some version of no, like “No, MINE”. This morning, as a special treat, I let the kids eat breakfast on the couch and watch the Wiggles (which has been making a comeback in our house over the past week). I made some pancakes for the kids, then started making some for the picture, but they both finished quickly and asked for more. (Ben did that cute little thing they teach them in daycare where they sign “more” by tapping their fingers together and say “mo-mo”.) Ben wandered into the kitchen and I handed him two pancakes, and told him to give one to his sister. He immediately said “No!” then proceeded to HIDE them behind his back, and sneak bites while watching his sister suspiciously. Seriously, he is nineteen months old!

Were you laughing as hard as I was? No? I swear, though, they ARE the funniest kids in the world.

And if you were wondering, I made a basic pancake mix and scooped some into two bowls, adding a few drops of yellow food coloring to one, and orange to another. I made the yellow pancakes measuring out 1 TBSP of batter, and the orange with 2 tsp of batter. Then I topped the whole thing with a dollop of homemade whipped cream.

Enjoy your Sunday!


One thought on “Candy Corn Pancakes (Day 16)

  1. These are awesome! I didn’t realize you had a blog too and I love it! I love your 31 days of halloween, I shall now be following along! Have a great sunday 🙂

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