Candy Corn Cookies… Sort Of (Day 20)

I saw the cutest Halloween candy corn cookies on one of my cookie friends, Samantha’s  blog, Flour-De-Lis. You can see the cookies that inspired me here.

So, desperate for a candy corn idea that I could do quickly, as yesterday was crazy and today is going to be, I used some left over dough and icing I was already going to need and copied Samantha’s cookies. Haha, I forgot to make sure I was using the right consistency. Can you believe that? I made flood icing for the other cookies I was doing, but used it on my candy corn cookies like it was one-step icing (also known as 10- second or 20- second icing). I think in the back of my mind I was planning on outlining the cookies, but then decided against it for some reason. I don’t know why I bothered to take a picture and post about it, except that I won’t have time tomorrow to do something else, and I only set out to do a Halloween project every day, I didn’t necessarily say they were all going to be good!

Here are my candy corn cookies, complete with icing running off the sides in all directions (and, yep, these three are the BEST of the dozen I made!!!)

So, rather than leave you with this image in your head, click over to my friend Kim’s blog, Will Knit For Beer, and check out the adorable candy corn she made this week 🙂 Aren’t those the happiest candy corn you’ve ever seen? I could imagine using them as an “Elf on the Shelf” type of thing… hide them around the house and the kids have to behave or they have to give all of the chocolate out of their Halloween bags to their mommies? Do you think that would catch on?


2 thoughts on “Candy Corn Cookies… Sort Of (Day 20)

  1. Thanks for the plug Steph, you’ve got my wheels turning with the elf on the shelf idea. I hope none of the mommies have started pre-holiday diets before leaving the candy corns on the look-out! And for the record, I think the cookies look awesome!

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