Pumpkins (Day 24)

I just want to start out by saying, “Thank you, Wendi, for the Barbie pumpkin carving stencil kit. Thanks. Really. Thanks.”

I have never been a pumpkin carving kind of girl. I am a pumpkin painting kind of girl. And most years, I am just a bunch of plain pumpkins scattered artfully on the doorstep kind of girl. But I have a five year old daughter who suddenly remembered that we were supposed to be doing Halloween projects together around the same time that she found the kit my sister-in-law bought for her. So I found my sharpest knife and we got going.

I put Ellie to work doing just about the only job she could do. Scooping out the pumpkin guts pulp (Ellie kept reminding me it is called pulp, not guts). Then she picked out her stencil and I traced it onto the pumpkin.

Then, using my favorite knife and the mini saw that came with the kit, I had this (about 45 minutes later).

The kit she bought Ben was easier.

I love how it looks like Cookie Monster is trying to offer Barbie a cookie.

When Ben woke up from his nap, I thought it would be a fun sensory experience for him to let him play with the guts  pulp.

It lasted about two minutes, then I think he got grossed out.

Tomorrow will actually be another pumpkin post, but I refuse to make it a pumpkin week, so don’t worry, there will be variety.


2 thoughts on “Pumpkins (Day 24)

  1. Anytime, I am already thinking of their next wonderful gift…oh wait, I forgot I have children of my own and you can get revenge on me. I meant to say, I am buying the nicest, softest, quietest toy on the market…

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