Cookie Swap (Day 28)

I was so excited to be invited to participate in a cookie swap with some very talented cookiers I met on FaceBook. The theme was Halloween and that was the only guideline. The extremely sweet Kayla of Toss Your Cookies coordinated the whole thing and she was very patient and kind- especially when I sent my husband to the post office, and he got the wrong shipping so my cookies arrived 2 days late. But she still managed to stay on schedule, and this is what I got in the mail today:

AMAZING, right? Here are close ups (in no particular order, just the way I unpacked the box) **note- I edited out everyone’s phone numbers and emails from their business cards. I encourage you to check out the links to their pages and get in touch with them that way**:

Stephanie J’s Creations Decorated Cookies

 Tiff’s Tasty Cookies

The Cookie Puzzle

 Cookies With Love By Flaget

 Baking In Heels

Toss Your Cookies

 Toss Your Cookies

(By the way- if these cookies are what a mother and daughter can do together, I can’t wait until Ellie is old enough!… Not that I am rushing her childhood!!!)

 Fluffybutt Cookies

Kristina’s Kreations

Kooking In Kate’s Kitchen

And the cookies I made:

I really hope I am invited to participate in the Christmas cookie swap!


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