Eye See That Cookie!! (Day 27)

We did a mouth and a nose on a stick, so it was only a matter of time….

This is a very versatile cookie. It can be used to give yourself two big bloodshot bug eyes, or you can just put one right in the middle of your forehead. Or you can freak your kids out and attach them to the back of your head.

I baked circle cookies onto sticks, and outlined in black, let it dry for several minutes, then flooded in a thicker consistency white icing. I let that dry overnight, then I piped on a circle in a thicker consistency green icing (that’s what I had made already, but you can use any color eye you want- blue, brown, purple, yellow….) and immediately added a black dot in the middle. Then I used a red food safe food coloring marker to draw in the blood shot lines, and there you go!

I received the most amazing assortment of cookies in the mail yesterday, but I want to give it one more day to make sure everyone got theirs before I post pictures. Then, there are only three more days left of October! I can’t believe that Halloween is almost here. I think in November I will be spending just a little less time in the kitchen and just a little more time with my Wii Fit. Just a thought.




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