Haunted House (Day 29)

I think the first time I brought Ellie into the kitchen with me, she was just over 2 1/2. I let her help me make cookies. I measured out the ingredients into plastic cups and she added them to the mixing bowl when I told her to. She got the biggest kick out of turning the mixer on to full speed and exploding the four all over the kitchen counter. We continue to bake together, and at some point in the past year, she has graduated to “egg cracker”. I love that she not only enjoys helping out, but it makes her so proud to share something she has helped to make.  And she has actually said to me that what makes her cookies so good is “love”.

Lately, I do most of my baking after she goes to bed (since she goes to school in the afternoon while the baby naps, we tend to spend most of our mornings out of the house), but don’t fear. She has told me that, even if she doesn’t actually make the cookies herself, her love comes from her while she is sleeping and flies down the stairs into the kitchen and into the cookies I am baking. So even though she is not actually making most of my cookies, they still contain the ingredient that makes them so good. Her love.

Yes, I cried while she was saying this. So, Ok, todays activity wasn’t actually baked by either of us, I just really wanted to share that story.

Today’s project was actually the result of “can we get this? can we get this? can we get this? and so on and so on…..” and “it’s on clearance for 40% off, so why not?”

This house is occupied by the Frankengummy family and their pet centipedes. (A-hem… was occupied. The whole family became Ellie’s afterschool snack. RIP Frankengummies.)


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