The Whole Pie

We had Ellie’s first parent teacher conference this past week.

Now, WE know how wonderful she is, but she does have a bit of a history when it comes to authority (there was the famous “spitting” incident when she was two and a half …well, not famous, but WE’LL never forget it).  So we were ecstatic when we got all good reviews. Not just good. GLOWING. We are so proud of our little peanut. Our five year old little princess who is reading WAAAAAY above her level. High five to us, for reading to her since birth.

To celebrate, when we got home, we had pie. A whole pie. One for each of us.

OK, so they weren’t real pies, they were cookies shaped like pies. But we each ate our own entire pie cookie.

I got the pumpkin pie. Bryan took the chocolate peanut butter pie. (The next day, we split the cherry pie.)




2 thoughts on “The Whole Pie

  1. These are adorable Steph! I’m like you, except I work full time and my kiddos are grown up. I love to bake and have just now really gotten into this type of decorating. I love. I thank all of for posting your pictures and ideas. It helps me grow to. At some point, like you, I would love to make this a retirement job:)

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