Easy Thanksgiving Dessert

Yesterday, when I told Ellie what I was going to make for dessert, she actually said, “no thank you”. She thought when I told her I was making turkey pudding, that I was making pudding out of actual turkey. I let her believe it until I actually put it down in front of her.

I spooned chocolate pudding into small clear containers (any clear cup could work, but these are perfect for four 1/4 cup servings) I used some leftover cookie dough to make hearts and decorated them with left over royal icing in gold, red, and brown. (Can you tell it was piping icing? Oh well, I think maybe the texture makes it look a little more feathery?) Then I painted on a beak and wattle with the same icing. To make the eyes, I happened to have white icing made, but if you don’t you can use a half of a mini marshmallow and black or brown food coloring marker, then use whatever color icing you have to stick the marshmallows to the cup. I used brown sprinkles for pupils.

Needless to say, Ellie was happy I decided to make chocolate pudding instead of “turkey pudding”. I don’t think Ben enjoyed his at all, though.

If you are wondering… yes, it was in his hair and the back of his neck, too. He’s delicious, huh?


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