Easy Shiny Snowflakes

Oh wow, has it been a while since I have posted anything! And likely it will be a while before I do it again! This has been one busy month so far, and I was not prepared in the least! There is one fun thing I made that I thought to take pictures during the process.

The first decorated cookies I remember seeing and falling in love with were the blue and white snowflakes from the cover of an issue of Living, it had to be 2001 or 2002. I remember I was sitting at my friend Michele’s dining room table, studying (we were always studying) and her husband, Michael, came home with this particular magazine. It may have been a special cookie issue, or it may have been Martha’s December issue that year. Whatever, either way, I will always remember those cookies, and because of that, snowflakes are my absolute FAVORITE cookie to make.

It is just soo frustrating to spend a lot of time making these cookies, then have the “spokes?” break off when I put them on a platter. I’m not the world’s best freehander, so I took this idea from SugarBelle (guest posting here on Half Baked the Cake Blog), then decided to see if I could make the snowflakes sparkle.

First I rolled and cut out my dough (here, I used LilaLoa’s amazing chocolate cookie recipe), then stamped them with my favorite snowflake cutter. By stamped, I mean I pressed hard enough to leave an impression, but not enough to go all the way through the cookie. Then I baked them.

The next day, I simply went over my outline with white icing, and filled in the icing shape. I let that dry again, over night.

The next morning , I sprayed the cookies evenly with a coat of Wilton’s Pearl Color Mist. This dries almost instantly, depending on how much you use, but I left it until later in the day anyway because I had a trillion things to do.

When you are ready, go back and outline/flood the background and add details to the snowflakes. So easy!

I do have another snowflake trick- another way to almost break-proof your snowflake “arms?” I just can’t guarantee I will be able to post it before the end of the month! Then again we DO have 2-3 more months of snowy weather after Christmas. So maybe I will get to it?

If I don’t make it to WordPress again before the holidays, have a great one- whatever you celebrate!!! ❤ Steph


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