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When you started making cookies, did you start out with a style of your own, or did you see so many great cookies out there with such a wide range of styles, that you wanted to be them all? Me too. I mean, be them all. I wanted to make really cool puffy and full looking cookies like SugarBelle, and I wanted to make gorgeous detailed cookies like Ali Bee’s, and I wanted to make unreal cookies like JP Creatibles, and for a while I outlined everything in black like something I had seen on Sweetopia. And the list could go on and on forever. In the beginning, I just flat out copied other cookies I saw and liked (if you ever see one on FaceBook or Flickr, please remind me who did it originally and  I will be sure to go back and give credit).

Anyway, I have a point! As much as we would like to make cookies EXACTLY like our cookie idol, and sometimes like more than one of them, at some point we find our own style and that’s when we know we have it in us to make some gorgeous cookies.

A few months ago, a friend asked me to make some baby cookies for a shower. She gave me NO information, just that they didn’t know the baby’s gender, there was no theme, and no particular color scheme. Then she said, “just do whatever you want, I know they’ll be great” (like she always says, lol). So I mixed up some white, yellow, and green icing, with no real plan in mind, I thought I’d make them white with some cute wet on wet green and yellow designs. Once I started, I HATED them. I cried. I almost threw them out. But I let them dry, and later piped on some details in white. Then I couldn’t stop looking at them. I LOVED them, I almost couldn’t give them up!

I did the same thing with some of my Christmas cookies. I found a swirly tree design I liked on Pinterest, and planned to pipe it onto a tree shaped cookie. At the last minute I decided to pipe on some “lights” using wet-on-wet.

And, besides the red which bled into the green, I loved these, too!

So, even though I didn’t make any New Years Resolutions, (I have so many short and long term goals that I try to maintain all year)  I decided that this year, I would perfect my personal style, and stop trying to be others. I’m not saying that I won’t occasionally follow one of SugarBelle’s awesome tutorials or try to attempt to recreate one of JP Creatibles’ unreal designs. But my goal is to work on my own thing.

So for my first step, I am working on the art of piping. I’ll be doing a lot of piping practice and sharing my pictures here. I really hope to get some feed back and advice!!!

Here is my first set of Valentine Cookies. Can you guess who they are for (rather who was staring at me from the other side of the breakfast bar saying “write my name on that one!”)???

Oh, and I also want to work on my photography skills. I took five pictures of these two cookies and these were the only ones even worth using. So advice there is also welcome.

So do you have any resolutions? Have you found a style you like best?


12 thoughts on “Personal Style

  1. Right on! I traveled the same path. It still kind of blows my mind anyone wants to imitate me. I am always busy wishing I could be ALi or JP, LOL! Cannot wait to see what the new year brings. I LOVE the trees and the baby cookies, especially the heart with the simple stripes!

    • Thank you! Everyone wants to imitate you because your cookies are amazing, and you show people how to do it in simple, easy to follow, steps. It makes us want to challenge ourselves and try to make your more complicated designs too! (I think I speak for everyone, lol!)

      • First of all GREAT post! I am so in the same boat. Oh to be as amazing as Sweetsugarbelle, Ali or JP! One day…

        I was lucky enough to get into a class that Gail from One Tough Cookie was teaching on cookie decorating…talk about nerve wracking! Of course, she is one of my idols, so when I walked in I practically starting bowing to her…then I had to decorate cookies right in front of her…do ya think I was slightly nervous?!? It was an fantastic experience. It helps so much to have folks who are so amazing share so much great information and inspiration.

        Love this post and I love your blog =)

  2. Can I just tell you how much I needed to hear this today. I sat last night trying to come up with some cute Valentine’s cookies that were different and I didn’t like anything I did. I have already been seeing gorgeous cookies out there and I totally was intimidated. I have and continue to try to find my own style. It is hard to not feel inferior with all those ladies. I guess the key is to believe in ourselves enough to know that even if ours are not like “theirs,” they can still be beautiful and others will love them!

    Keep up the good work! I loved your baby shower cookies. 🙂 Thanks for a little boost today. 🙂

    • Theresa, I LOVE your cookies! (I am hoping to win your giveaway so I can taste them, too!!!!) It’s hard to find a style you like, when a lot of cookies are “made to order” and you’re working at your client’s request. I get to play around a lot because I can’t sell my cookies from home in my state (and being home with my kids is a higher priority to me right now) so the few friends and relatives who ask for them always just tell me to do what I want!
      I’m glad I could make you smile today! I think a whole lot of us are in the same boat 🙂

  3. This article is so true for anyone doing any kind of creative expression. I am with you when it comes to trying to find your cookie niche, I’m still not sure what mine is yet.
    P.S.- Those baby shower cookies made me squee!

  4. Your cookies are always amazing Stephanie! I love them all! The trees are so detailed and I love the snowflakes on them. I agree that it takes time to find our own personal style and what we like and what works for our own personal style. I think I’ve finally found mine (for now) and in a couple weeks, it will be a year since I started this journey so that tells you that it’s okay to try out different things and enjoy the process! Your baby cookies are absolutely adorable! Great job!

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