I Heart….

So it has been so long since I have posted anything, that I almost forgot my password to WordPress. Whoops!

These cookies were inspired by a conversation I had with my almost two-year-old son. It went something like this-

Me: “I love you, Ben!!!!” (kiss kiss kiss hug hug hug….)

Ben: (looking over my shoulder) “ELMO!!!!!!” (Squirms out of my arms to get the book he spotted on the floor)

Hmmm. I rank somewhere below Elmo.

Definitely below Cookie Monster. And some days, I feel like I even come after the Mouse from “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”.

Oh well. He loved me enough when I gave him this:

And, of course, for Ellie who tells me she loves me a million times a day (and not always followed by “can I have…?”) I made a version for her, too.

I know she loves me more than she loves Hello Kitty. But I think I still rank a little lower than Rebecca, her American Girl Doll.

Someday they’ll appreciate me. I think I learned to appreciate my parents somewhere around my junior year of college.

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