Make-up Cookies (Tufting Tutorial, Too!)

Someone had asked me a while ago about making tufted cookies after I posted these (waaaaay back) on Facebook.

I did them again and took pictures as I went along, but the pictures are so bad that I was hesitant to share them. But I decided to share anyway. (I have a couple of sweet things coming up, but since one is “top secret”, I can’t quite share them yet…eep!)

See the “blush”cookie in back? I took pictures of that step-by-step, but in order to get these to my cousin on time, I had to do them at night… Here goes.

Start by outlining your shape, then divide it into squares or diamonds by piping criss-cross strait lines across the whole cookie.

Fill alternating squares with a THIN layer of flood icing (make the flood icing on the thicker side (close to 10-12 seconds).

Before that thin layer dries, immediately squeeze a dollop of icing onto the center of the flatter icing and swish a toothpick through it to spread it out to the edges.

Depending on how “puffy” you want this to look, you can do this two or three times, just be sure to work quickly before that bottom layer dries, or you will wind up with little pieces of thick icing floating around that will rise to the top and look funky. (Ummmm. don’t know that by experience or anything…) If I had done these differently, I would have worked in 3-4 sections at a time rather than all of the alternating sections at once.

After about 20-30 minutes, go back and do the rest of the sections in the same way.

To give these cookies a little shimmer, I dusted them, after they dried, with some Wilton’s luster dust and a dry food-only paint brush. I LOVE luster dust, and I look for an excuse to by it in every color. So far, I have pink, blue, purple, silver, gold, pearl, and green. I saw yellow yesterday, and I need a reason to buy it  just thought of the perfect use for it. Yay!!!

I few months ago, I would have been too afraid of cratering to even TRY cookies with small areas like this. But I found this practically fool proof tutorial by Callye of The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle which gave me the confidence to try this. I have only done this method twice, and I know they are a little sloppy at the edges, but I am sure I will be able to clean that up with a little practice. If you look closely, though, there are no craters in those little spaces (and that’s what really matters, right????)


A “Cookie Monster” Birthday (Part 2)

I’m hoping my computer holds out just long enough so that I can share the rest of the party treats with you!

Let’s see. I already shared the cake and cupcakes. There was another dish at the dessert table and that one held cookies.

The pictures I took at home came out much better than the pictures from the party. These minis were served on a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

And these cookies went into the favor bags.

Just one more, because I love how these cute little guys turned out!!!

Each of these “Cookie Monsters” was packed into a cellophane bag with a large chocolate chip cookie, and tied with a ribbon.

I made enough of those to include in the goody bags, and I also put some out in a basket for the moms and dads to take home.

Along with the cookies, the kids each got a monster mask (found at Target) and a MYO monster plush (I found those at 5 Below). Do you see Wendi’s monster on the bags?

So my little monster had a blast, and I am told all of the kids enjoyed themselves. I hope they all slept as well that night as my kids did!!

One last picture…

I would LOVE to know what Ellie and her cousin are talking about here. Any guesses? (There were a few very cute five year old boys at the party. Could it be starting already?)

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures of the treats as much as we enjoyed eating them!

A “Cookie Monster” Birthday

So much preparation for a little birthday party! The past week has been a blur of icing, frosting, flour, butter, sugar, and vanilla.

At the time that I picked the theme for his party, Ben was into two things. Cookies and Cookie Monster. So I decided to go with “Cookies and Monsters”.

My sister in law, Wendi, made the invitations. At the time, these were the colors I was going with, but as the party evolved, the colors changed. As it turned out, Wendi made a LOT more than just the invitations.

We had the party at My Little Adventures. It is a local kid’s gym that also offers many classes for kids up to age six. We were so happy with the party itself. They really went above and beyond to make the birthday boy, his sister, and every single guest feel special.

Isn’t the shirt cute? Wendi made that, too. I had actually ordered a shirt from an Etsy store back in January, and at the last minute (meaning last Tuesday) I got a email saying she couldn’t complete the order. Oh well, Wendi saved the day and I LOVED it! Here’s the back:

Now, I’ll bet you’d like to see the treats?

Here’s a close up of the cake:

And here’s an even better shot:

The inside was polka dot, but it was cut up and handed out before I could get a good picture.

Can you see the polka dots? I got the idea from this post that I found via Pinterest. I baked up some blue, green, orange, and yellow cake pops in Wendi’s Baby Cake Cake Pop machine (there’s Wendi, saving the day again!) and baked them into   the cake. I used Sweetapolita’s chocolate cake recipe and got so many compliments on it. It’s definitely my new go to chocolate cake recipe! I topped it off with some cake pop eye balls like this cake, also found via Pinterest.

To make things a little less messy for the two-year-olds, I made some monster cupcakes.

So, I’m not kidding. I said before I have been having computer issues, and my lap top just decided to freeze me out of my photos. So I will have to let the computer rest for a little bit and hope I can get in there later to share the cookies and party favors.

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Although his birthday isn’t until tomorrow, Ben only goes into daycare twice a week. So I made him cupcakes to share with his classmates today.

We have recently “discovered” Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Ellie was a super huge fan a few years ago, but Ben is just getting into it now. I die of cuteness everytime the Hot Dog song comes on and Ben marches around the living room waving his arms like Goofy. (It almost makes up for his other new thing… spitting during his temper tantrums…. which is tremendously NOT cute.)

These are plain vanilla cupcakes baked in yellow liners tucked into red liners. You can use any cupcake recipe or even a mix. I use Glorious Treat’s Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes.

After they cooled completely, I mixed a small drop of black food coloring into some chocolate frosting (I used a box mix from Trader Joes’s that I had in the pantry), scooped the frosting into a gallon sized plastic bag, cut off a corner of the bag, and squeezed a dollop of icing, just enough to hold the ears in place, on top of each cupcake.

The ears are chocolate roll out cookies with a drop of black food coloring. I use Lila Loa’s chocolate cookie recipe. You can use whatever recipe you like, or even mini Oreos, or black candy melts (black melts are hard to find, but I found some in a local specialty cake and candy supply store.)

One bit of advice, if I can save you from making the same mistake I did, bake and cool the cookies before frosting the cupcakes, so you can stick the cookie ears in place before the frosting crusts over. I only had one casualty (where the ears wouldn’t stick) and the rest held up okay, even on the trip to the daycare, but it would have been easier to stick them into soft frosting anyway.

So if your little one is into Mickey, or you are planning a Disney trip and you want to bake up a special treat to break the news to your kids, this was really easy to pull together.

Have a great weekend! I hope to be back soon with the details of Ben’s party tomorrow!!!

Easy Shamrock Cookies

Seriously, so easy.

When you have a baby on March 16th, and you tend to go a little overboard when it comes to birthday parties, and, even though your middle name is Erin, you are not actually Irish, there is little reason to play around making fun, cute, St. Patty’s Day cookies.

However, I was baking cookies anyway….

To make some really simple shamrocks, you only need two things:

Some shamrock cutouts iced in white, and a bottle of Wilton’s Color Mist in green.

Go ahead and ice your shamrocks any way you want. I outlined and flooded, if you prefer no outline, you can do it that way, and if you are a fondant person… by all means use fondant!

Let you cookies dry overnight, then spray away! Make sure you place them on a surface you don’t care about painting green. Even a paper towel works for me.

They’re nothing fancy, they are not even that pretty, but they will do the trick. I am hoping when you see what I have been working on for Ben’s birthday, you’ll forgive me! If you have the time, you can try using a stencil and spraying on a cute design or making them ombre (see this tutorial from SugarBelle). All I had was extra dough, extra white icing, and bottle of spray mist….

Also, please forgive me, for not posting more. It’s not for lack of material. My laptop is fried (everytime I type an “m” it either deletes the previous word, or closes me out of my page entirely. Also, it randomly capitalizes letters, and some times my “7” doesn’t work at all.) I knew this post would be short. I can’t get the hang of using my husband’s laptop (it’s true what they say about “once you go Mac…”). I’m hoping I can either figure his out, or get a new one for myself soon. I have tons of things to share, and, of course, Ben’s party!