Easy Shamrock Cookies

Seriously, so easy.

When you have a baby on March 16th, and you tend to go a little overboard when it comes to birthday parties, and, even though your middle name is Erin, you are not actually Irish, there is little reason to play around making fun, cute, St. Patty’s Day cookies.

However, I was baking cookies anyway….

To make some really simple shamrocks, you only need two things:

Some shamrock cutouts iced in white, and a bottle of Wilton’s Color Mist in green.

Go ahead and ice your shamrocks any way you want. I outlined and flooded, if you prefer no outline, you can do it that way, and if you are a fondant person… by all means use fondant!

Let you cookies dry overnight, then spray away! Make sure you place them on a surface you don’t care about painting green. Even a paper towel works for me.

They’re nothing fancy, they are not even that pretty, but they will do the trick. I am hoping when you see what I have been working on for Ben’s birthday, you’ll forgive me! If you have the time, you can try using a stencil and spraying on a cute design or making them ombre (see this tutorial from SugarBelle). All I had was extra dough, extra white icing, and bottle of spray mist….

Also, please forgive me, for not posting more. It’s not for lack of material. My laptop is fried (everytime I type an “m” it either deletes the previous word, or closes me out of my page entirely. Also, it randomly capitalizes letters, and some times my “7” doesn’t work at all.) I knew this post would be short. I can’t get the hang of using my husband’s laptop (it’s true what they say about “once you go Mac…”). I’m hoping I can either figure his out, or get a new one for myself soon. I have tons of things to share, and, of course, Ben’s party!



3 thoughts on “Easy Shamrock Cookies

  1. Just because something isn’t fancy certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t pretty. Anything this shade of green is lovely, just as your cookies are. Sorry you are having trouble with your laptop…such a huge inconvenience for a blogger and I hope you get the issues resolved soon. Meantime , enjoy your son’s upcoming birthday and know that we look forward to hearing all about it!

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