Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Although his birthday isn’t until tomorrow, Ben only goes into daycare twice a week. So I made him cupcakes to share with his classmates today.

We have recently “discovered” Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Ellie was a super huge fan a few years ago, but Ben is just getting into it now. I die of cuteness everytime the Hot Dog song comes on and Ben marches around the living room waving his arms like Goofy. (It almost makes up for his other new thing… spitting during his temper tantrums…. which is tremendously NOT cute.)

These are plain vanilla cupcakes baked in yellow liners tucked into red liners. You can use any cupcake recipe or even a mix. I use Glorious Treat’s Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes.

After they cooled completely, I mixed a small drop of black food coloring into some chocolate frosting (I used a box mix from Trader Joes’s that I had in the pantry), scooped the frosting into a gallon sized plastic bag, cut off a corner of the bag, and squeezed a dollop of icing, just enough to hold the ears in place, on top of each cupcake.

The ears are chocolate roll out cookies with a drop of black food coloring. I use Lila Loa’s chocolate cookie recipe. You can use whatever recipe you like, or even mini Oreos, or black candy melts (black melts are hard to find, but I found some in a local specialty cake and candy supply store.)

One bit of advice, if I can save you from making the same mistake I did, bake and cool the cookies before frosting the cupcakes, so you can stick the cookie ears in place before the frosting crusts over. I only had one casualty (where the ears wouldn’t stick) and the rest held up okay, even on the trip to the daycare, but it would have been easier to stick them into soft frosting anyway.

So if your little one is into Mickey, or you are planning a Disney trip and you want to bake up a special treat to break the news to your kids, this was really easy to pull together.

Have a great weekend! I hope to be back soon with the details of Ben’s party tomorrow!!!


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