Make-up Cookies (Tufting Tutorial, Too!)

Someone had asked me a while ago about making tufted cookies after I posted these (waaaaay back) on Facebook.

I did them again and took pictures as I went along, but the pictures are so bad that I was hesitant to share them. But I decided to share anyway. (I have a couple of sweet things coming up, but since one is “top secret”, I can’t quite share them yet…eep!)

See the “blush”cookie in back? I took pictures of that step-by-step, but in order to get these to my cousin on time, I had to do them at night… Here goes.

Start by outlining your shape, then divide it into squares or diamonds by piping criss-cross strait lines across the whole cookie.

Fill alternating squares with a THIN layer of flood icing (make the flood icing on the thicker side (close to 10-12 seconds).

Before that thin layer dries, immediately squeeze a dollop of icing onto the center of the flatter icing and swish a toothpick through it to spread it out to the edges.

Depending on how “puffy” you want this to look, you can do this two or three times, just be sure to work quickly before that bottom layer dries, or you will wind up with little pieces of thick icing floating around that will rise to the top and look funky. (Ummmm. don’t know that by experience or anything…) If I had done these differently, I would have worked in 3-4 sections at a time rather than all of the alternating sections at once.

After about 20-30 minutes, go back and do the rest of the sections in the same way.

To give these cookies a little shimmer, I dusted them, after they dried, with some Wilton’s luster dust and a dry food-only paint brush. I LOVE luster dust, and I look for an excuse to by it in every color. So far, I have pink, blue, purple, silver, gold, pearl, and green. I saw yellow yesterday, and I need a reason to buy it  just thought of the perfect use for it. Yay!!!

I few months ago, I would have been too afraid of cratering to even TRY cookies with small areas like this. But I found this practically fool proof tutorial by Callye of The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle which gave me the confidence to try this. I have only done this method twice, and I know they are a little sloppy at the edges, but I am sure I will be able to clean that up with a little practice. If you look closely, though, there are no craters in those little spaces (and that’s what really matters, right????)


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