Little Birthday Cakes

We forget, as we grow up, how difficult it really is to be a child. First, there is the whole “lack of speech, can only cry when I need something” thing. And even as words are added to their vocabulary, sometimes they still can’t express exactly what it is that they want. And even more frustrating, when they are older, and they have words to express almost everything that they want to communicate, we grownups don’t always take everything they say seriously. They have such tremendous imaginations. If there was a way to channel the ideas coming from the mind of an almost six year old, and make those ideas a reality, how fantastic could this world be?

And sometimes, their ideas are just born out of necessity. For example:

“Mommy, can I get this?”

“Not today.”

“But it’s Rebecca’s birthday and I want to get it for her.”

First of all, Rebecca is Ellie’s American Girl Doll. Second of all, this is the first I am hearing of her birthday.

“Ellie, you don’t have any money to buy that today.”

“But mom! She’s FAMILY! She is my DAUGHTER!”

OK. We agreed we were not going to buy the present, however, we decided that I would bake her a cake and we would have a little party.

If you think I go overboard, would you believe my husband bought the doll a present?


11 thoughts on “Little Birthday Cakes

  1. I love the cookies…what a great use of a cutter! I am the only girl in my house, but I am sure IF I had a daughter, she WOULD have an American Doll…and I am POSITIVE I would make cookies for her Birthday…that is what Moms do right?

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