First Birthday Cookies

When Ben was born, I got into the habit of holding him while he napped. In my defense, we had our condo on the market at the time so I wasn’t allowed to do much else, other than clean and sit. I wasn’t even allowed to cook, just incase someone wanted to come see the place during dinnertime. We weren’t allowed to have dishes in the sink or even in the dishwasher, and there had better never be a lingering smell of food in the air! Unless it was some sort of comforting baked good. I always had some chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer waiting to become freshly baked cookies as soon as I got that phone call from the scheduling center!

So, needless to say, we would drop Ellie off at preschool, come home, straighten up, and I would plant my butt on the couch, Ben in my arms, and catch up on season’s 1-5 of “Lost” on Hulu.

This pattern had to end when we finally moved and I went back to work a week later. The caregivers at the daycare kind of insisted I stop holding him, and try to get him into the habit of napping in his crib. He had no problem with this, actually. He slept just as well in his crib as he did in my arms. Turns out I was the one being spoiled by the habit.

So, flash forward about 22 months from that first crib nap and Ben has learned to climb out of that safe, warm, comfortable crib. We knew it wasn’t safe to keep him there, he could seriously hurt himself if he fell trying to scale the walls in the middle of the night, so we converted his crib to a toddler bed. And here, I find myself holding him while he naps again. Sigh.

We CAN let him alone in his room, and he will usually (eventually) go right to sleep. But sometimes we find him on his floor or like this:

Today was one of those “nap resisting days” where I left him in his room, after sustaining scratches all over my face, and a bald area where he pulled out a chunk of hair. He just isn’t going to nap whether I rock him or not. And here I am on the laptop, furiously editing photos and trying to write this post. And I am so glad I finished these cookies yesterday instead of waiting until the last minute! (These are made to match the First Birthday Cupcake line for Ben’s daycare director whose son is turning one this weekend.)

I guess I can’t rely on naptime to get things done anymore! Oh… I hear screaming coming from upstairs! And Ellie is due to get off the bus in about five minutes. Sigh.

I’m going to link these up to The Bearfoot Baker’s “The Color Blue” Linky Party. Isn’t it a nice coincidence that she is asking for blue cookies the day after I made these 🙂


15 thoughts on “First Birthday Cookies

  1. Beautiful cookies!! Nap time can be challenging, I know. And when we count on naps to get things done, it can be soooo depressing when the nap time goes pear shaped. But… this too shall pass 😉

  2. Those are sooo cute Stephanie! I just love blue…and cupcakes are my FAVORITE cookie shape…EVER! Sorry you have having trouble with Ben…I wish I could relate with you, but my son just turned 17…not sure where the time went…but I would do ANYTHING to hold Collin while he naps…but with me at 5’2″ and him at 6′ I really don’t see that working too well. Enjoy him while he IS still small enough to hold…because they grow up way tooo fast!

    • Thank you, Kim! I thought of you when I was making them, too 🙂 You should have a cupcake “link party” on your blog one day!
      I love holding him while he sleeps, I just wish there was a way to get stuff done, too. Unfortunately Bjorn doesn’t make a carrier that can hold his weight. I doubt there is one to hold a 6′ tall 17 year old either.

  3. Very cute. The Noah ones are my fav! Don’t u just love the Bearfoot Bakers link up parties! I was so excited to see that next week’s theme is yellow cause u just did some with pink, orange, and yellow dough!

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  6. really wish you could make these for my sons first birthday…i am using that same theme and these would be so cute to give to the older kids as party favors!! 😦

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