Reason 1,327,452 That I Love Luster/Pearl/Petal/Color Dust

One of Ben’s daycare teachers asked if I could make cookies for her daughter’s first birthday. The theme is lime green, purple, and zebra print. When I asked what shade of purple (because there are only a couple thousand different purples), she sent me this picture.

So, of course, I took the flower theme throughout the whole set of cookies 🙂 (Oooh…. take my word for it, the purple matches much better in person!)

I have a theory, when it comes to platters of cookies, that there need to be at least 3 sizes. First, you need medium. These are the cookies the men will eat, and the parents will pick out for the kids. Then you need large. These are the cookies guests will wrap in a napkin and take home “for their husband”. But most importantly, you need bite sized or small cookies, because these are the cookies most people will eat, and when they come back for another, they will always pick a small one.

I wanted to make little daisies for the bite sized cookies, but I found when I added my yellow sugar beads to the center, they looked so pastel and dull next to the vibrant green and purple. So, I pulled out my handy ceramic egg carton, shook a little bit of Wilton’s yellow pearl dust into one section, and a little bit of orange extract into another section. And I brightened up my little yellow sugar beads.

1- Dip your brush first into the extract, then into the pearl dust. Blot the brush onto the side of the dish to remove any excess liquid.

2- Paint your sugar beads.

I am not being paid my Wilton, or comped in any way, lol! It’s just that with all of the colors they have out there, the possibilities here are endless!

I really love how these turned out, and I hope little Bianca has a wonderful happy first birthday!


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