Mother’s Day Cookies

I know it’s almost a week after the fact, but I wanted to share the cookies I made for mother’s day!

Did you have a nice one? Mine was…. meh. Since my husband works every weekend, he wasn’t around. And he forgot to have the kids make me anything, even a card ūüė¶

I know I shouldn’t complain. He bought me a present, and gave it to me a few weeks ago. Our coffee machine died, so he bought me a Keurig. Not complaining. It was a nice gift.

Then, Monday, while I was at work, he took the kids to AC Moore, bought canvasses, paint, and brushes, then had the kids make me two masterpieces. And he was (sorta) forgiven. (Part of me will always be a¬†little bitter that he didn’t even have the Keurig ready to go for me on Sunday.)

I really don’t mean to be so negative. Brunch was nice. The kids and I¬†met¬†my family at a restaurant. And I made some Mother’s Day cookies for all of the mothers who joined us.

Ellie and I found a cute stamp at AC Moore, and I used it with food color on a polka dot background.  (I used this recipe that I posted yesterday)

You’ll need your cookie- flooded and dried overnight, a brush that you use only for food, and a small amount of undiluted gel¬†food¬†coloring (1). Paint black food coloring onto the stamp with a food only brush (2).¬†Press the stamp lightly and evenly onto the cookie (3). Remove the stamp by picking it straight up, being careful not to move it sideways and smudge the “ink” (4).

I did a little Googling and found that the typical rubber stamps that you find in a craft store are NOT foodsafe. Personally, I think that for the amount of time they are in contact with the cookie, they are probably OK. After seeing the things that kids put into their mouths, I have¬†forced myself to be less stressed out¬†about things.¬†But if you are concerned there are companies that make stamps especially for food. I also found a bunch of tutorials on how to use rubber stamps on cookies that don’t specify food safe vs non food safe stamps. So I am probably overthinking this (I do that).

After the stamp dried, I was trying to decide how to border the cookies when I found these gorgeous cookies by The Sugar Tree. So I added a ruffle around the edge.

And sprinkled it with a little glimmery pixie dust.

But here are the real works of art that eventually made my Mother’s Day:

How was your mother’s day?




6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Cookies

  1. OMG… these are lovely! I’ve had stamping cookies on my to do list for a while now, I need to get on it. Don’t polka dots just make everything prettier for some reason? And the ruffle just takes it up a whole other level!

  2. HI, I own the company that pioneered this technique. PLEASE don’t tell people to stamp with wood mounted stamps! There is NO possible way to get them CLEAN… the cushion and the wood harbor all kinds of bacteria! And… frankly you don’t know what the rubber is made from. Many rubber stamps use a fine ground glass as a release agent! Some use toxic ingredients in the manufacturing process…

    Please just be FOOD SAFE. We’ve been sued several times…

    Holly / Sweet Stampen

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