Princess Cookies

I made these cookies for a playdate we had this weekend.

I used a bell cookie cutter and just cut off the little bump on top. I am almost positive I have seen this before, but I couldn’t find it. If anyone knows, let me know. I am almost positive it was a SugarBelle design. Needless to say, these were influenced by her either way!

My favorite one is the sweet little “Ella” with her pigtails. The cookie is not quite as sweet as the real life Ella, though 🙂

I made one for Ellie:

One for her friend, Kaitlyne:

One for Kaitlyne’s little sister Ella:

And I didn’t forget Ben 🙂

(I try to have Ben spend as much time with Ella as possible. I am hoping some of her calm, chillness will rub off on him.)

Mostly these were a chance to play with more luster dust.

 I made them with their eyes closed for two reasons. One- they were kind of last minute so they fewer colors I had to mix, the better.      Two- I wanted to try the blue luster dust eye shadow.

I’m expecting the summer playdate invitations to start rolling in any minute now!!!!


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