Berry Royal Icing

I hope everyone is having a nice long weekend! We had a nice surprise today. Bryan didn’t have to go into work today! So I was awakened to the sound of an unepected male voice over Ben’s monitor! It was nice that he decided to surprise me, though.

We had a great day. We had a nice breakfast, took the kids to the playground, then brought them home to play in the sprinkler. At about 10:30, he says to me, “It’s only 10:30? What do you do with them the rest of the day?”. Welcome to my world 🙂

While he was keeping the kids busy in the kiddie pool, I had some unexpected time to play in the kitchen. I made some cookies to bring to my inlaws tomorrow.

I know they aren’t the reddest red, or the bluest blue. There is a reason. The red stars have no food coloring at all, and the blue have less than a drop. I had some raspberry syrup (that I made by boiling and straining some frozen raspberries last weekend) in the fridge. I made the same syrup with some blueberries.

The blue did take a little tweaking. It started out a little too purple. So I added a dash of green to try to cancel out the red (as per by this post by LilaLoa). Then I added a bit of navy blue. The red, although a little pink, was fine the way it was. I really like the way they came out. Especially since I made them on a lemon cookie.

Do you see the little flecks of lemon zest in the cookies? I don’t know if these are going to make it to my inlaws tomorrow!


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