Inspiration Challenge: June {Fabric}

Things happen when you start making cookies. Especially when you start to share those cookies online. Most (normal) people don’t even realize that there is a whole online society for cookie makers. If you’re involved in this society, you meet people. If you are involved long enough, you make friends. It’s crazy, you have this friendship with people who have so much in common, and you find that you can talk about anything (mostly you talk about cookies, but sometimes you talk about other things… like cupcakes…and eventually other more personal things)  and you’ve never even met in person!

I have met some of the most amazing people online. I met my husband online… but that is not really a part of this story. Some of the other amazing people I have met  have started a group on FaceBook and we talk about everything, mostly cookies, but really everything.

During one conversation, we were discussing motivation and what we do when we are not busy with cookie orders. Well, my friend Melissa (of Simply Sweets by Honeybee) and I don’t actually have businesses, we just make cookies for family and friends, but we mostly like to make them just to share with others through our blogs. We realized that we have a much more difficult time finding motivation when it comes to making cookies just for us, just for fun. So we decided to challenge ourselves to make cookies once a month. Our inspiration will be things we find in the world around us.

So…. welcome to Inspiration Challenge number one!

This brings me to another thing that happens when you start making cookies. You buy your children clothes because you think they would make a really cute cookie. Which is how we chose the theme for our first challenge, fabric.

I found this really cute dress at Old Navy and specifically bought it for Ellie because I wanted to make it a cookie.

Here is a close up of one of the circles.

So, we may not have a tutorial every month. Some months we may, but mostly our goal is to open our minds a bit and be inspired by the things around us. Of course, the more people involved, the more fun it will be, so Melissa will be hosting a linky party on her page and I (don’t know how to do that so I) will add your link directly to the end of my posts. Just leave it in my comment section, or post it on my FaceBook page.

Now, go over to Melissa’s page. She found a fabric and turned it into some Father’s Day cookies 🙂

Then come back and join us next month. July’s challenge is “Home Decor”. Grab your camera phone and head over to HomeGoods, Target, or even Pottery Barn and find your inspiration.

22 thoughts on “Inspiration Challenge: June {Fabric}

  1. Isn’t it funny how you see cookies in EVERTHING once you become a cookie decorator (and obsessed – lol)!

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