Roller Skating

About a month ago, Ellie dug up her old skates. They are the plastic kind that strap on over her sneakers. For a few days, she wore them all over the house, but they were definitely a little too small and, in our opinion, she had outgrown them in more ways than just size.

We decided she needed to learn how to skate for real and, after a quick search, we found that the rink near us had lessons for her age group the very next morning. Flashing back to 1984, I laid out her best florescent tee shirt (wishing I had some ribbon barrettes and jelly bracelets) and we headed out.

It turned out that most of the kids in her class had been going since the fall. I wish I had known about it back then, but Ellie held her own. She actually wasn’t that bad at all! After two lessons, she was even invited to continue on to the more advanced class over the summer. (I only found out this weekend that that class is invite only, so I was kind of excited!)

Anyway, like most activities, there was a recital at the end of the class year, and even though she had only been to three classes, Ellie was invited to participate.

So, of course I made her some cookies to celebrate!

These were improvised using an ice skate cutter, and just trimming off the back of the blade.

I saved the left over dough and tinted half of it purple, and half pink. Then I rolled both colors out 1/8 inches thick into a rectangle. I placed the purple rectangle onto the pink, rolled over them gently to press them together, then rolled them into a small log starting at a narrow end of the rectangle and chilled the log for a few days. Then I pressed silver sprinkles into the log, sliced 1/4 inch slices and baked them . In hindsight, I should have pressed on the sprinkles before chilling the dough, they may have stuck more.

Of course, I gave my cookie Ellie a ribbon barrette. If I can make it to the craft store this weekend, I may see if I can remember how to make them 🙂


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