Rockin “Gee-tar” Cookies For Evan

This post has been a long time coming. We just have ongoing computer problems and I lost a whole bunch of pictures. Fortunately I never erase my camera card (I’m a hoarder like that) and I have at least three posts (with tutorials!!!) coming up.

These guitar cookies, which I made for my nephew’s third birthday, look complicated, but they are really not. I felt I had to take pictures along the way to prove it. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of steps. But when you break them down they are so easy.

You’ll need:

  • your cookie
  • paper
  • edible ink marker
  • piping icing in black and white and 2 PME 1.5 tips for piping
  • flood icing (I like a 5 second consistency) in white and three other colors
  • bags, bottles, and tooth picks.

  1. Trace your cutter (I splurged on this awesome guitar from Copper Gifts) onto a piece of paper and sketch out where you want the center to go. I printed out an image of a guitar to use as a guideline.
  2. Cut out your template and cut out the center. Line it up on the cookie.
  3. Trace the center with an edible ink marker.
  4. Pipe your outline.

Flood the center and let dry for a while.

  1. Working quickly with no more than 2-3 cookies at a time, pipe your first color along the edge of the design (I like a 5 second consistency for this method).
  2. Pipe your second color.
  3. Fill in the rest of the space with your third color.
  4. Swirl gently with a toothpick.

Fill in the neck of the guitar and, at this point let everything dry overnight.

The next day:

Using black piping icing, add your details. Let this dry for a little while then….

Add strings. After the fact, I thought I should have used a black edible ink marker to make the frets. I thought the uneven surface under the strings would cause them to fall apart into a mess of white jimmies on the bottom of the cellophane bags. I was wrong, though. They stayed intact. But I still think I’d use the marker in the future.

So, my nephew, who likes to play the “gee-tar” got some cute party favors for his birthday party, and I got to show you that they are really not as difficult as they look! We all win 🙂


8 thoughts on “Rockin “Gee-tar” Cookies For Evan

  1. Those are super cute, Stephanie! I love the number with the star! I am making cookies for a “Rock Star” birthday party in August and I might have to make a few number cookies like yours! You always have the best ideas…in fact…YOU ROCK! =)

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