Ice Cream Cookies

I can’t believe that it has only been a week and a half since school ended. We packed so much activity into that week between school and camp that it felt like a whole summer went by. I’d like to say that I was so busy and that is the reason why it’s been a while since I have posted.

The computer broke again. Miraculously, someone at the Mac store was able to revive our MacBook, but for some reason, there are several websites we can’t get onto right now. Facebook is one, and I feel so lost. I can get on using my phone, so I have been neglecting the poor Mac lately. I’d like to say that may be the reason I haven’t posted in a while.

Even though it HAS been a busy week, and I HAVE been neglecting my poor laptop in favor of my phone, I am ashamed to admit that the real reason I haven’t posted in a while, is that I have been spending too much of my spare time with Mr. Grey. (Hanging head…) In fact it has been so bad that I accidentally resigned about half of my Words With Friends games. (Sorry!) I mean, it hasn’t been so bad that I am not feeding my family or going to work, I’m just reading and not spending my usual amount of time online.

So, (at the risk of inviting some angry comments) I am in the middle of book three right now, and I have to admit that the attempt at an actual plot has made it relatively easy to put this book down. (At least long enough to spend some time on Pinterest, and bake some more cookies.)

And now, ummm…. I’ll just show you how I made these ice cream cone cookies for the ice cream party we threw on Ellie’s last day of school.

I cut out an ice cream cone and used the same cutter to make an extra scoop.

You will need:

  • Piping and flooding icing in two different “flavors” (I made brown for chocolate and ivory for vanilla)
  • Piping and flooding in a cone color (I mixed gold with a little bit of brown)
  • Bags, bottles, couplers, PME 1.5 tips, and larger tips for flooding (I usually use Ateco 3s, but I don’t remember exactly what I used here)
  • Heart shaped sprinkles in red

Outline your cone, and each ice cream scoop. Let this dry for a little while, then flood the cone and the top scoop. Let this dry for an hour or so, then flood the bottom scoop. Let this dry overnight.

The next day, add your details. Serve these with actual ice cream, a ton of toppings, and some chocolate chip cookies in case anyone wants to make ice cream sandwiches.

And make sure you give the two year old direct access to the toppings, especially with limited adult supervision.


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