Elephants and Stars

Both cookies on this platter actually have some meaning behind them.

I’ll start with the elephants. Each of the five grandchildren, starting with Ellie, has a little stuffed lovey blanket. We call ours “Wooby”.

Ellie’s was this little pink sheep. Ben has the same one in blue (it was his gift from Ellie when he was born). My niece and nephew have their own, and my newest nephew has an elephant.

So, in honor of his Bris, I made him the elephant cookies.

Ethan’s new lovey is a skyish blue so I made these in skyish blue and grey, because I love making cookie platters which only use two or three colors. There is less to clean afterwards. I made them with polka dots and stripes, because they remind me more of a child’s toy that way. And there is one more important detail about the elephants. I thought that their trunks looked a little fragile as they were. And I know that some of my more traditional family would have considered a platter of elephant cookie with broken trunks at a Bris to be in poor taste. So, after I cut them out, I gently pushed the trunk towards the head until it touched. It is best to do this with a dough that is unchilled so it doesn’t crack when you move it. I use LilaLoa’s recipe, and SugarBelle’s would work well, too.

I also made some larger elephants just for the big brother and sister. (And one for the big cousins to share.)

The stars are there for a reason, too.

My nephew, Ethan, was named for someone very special to us all. And her name means “star”.

I am so excited to have this new, sweet, little star in my life. (Especially since he LOVES his Aunt Steffi and gazes at me with his bright alert little eyes, and- I swear- he smiles every time he sees me <3)

Points (but no prizes) to the person who knows what inspired the name of Ellie’s little lovey!!!!


5 thoughts on “Elephants and Stars

  1. Mr. Mom? Oh and the cookies are adorable. I love the simplicity and that blue is to die for. Congrats on the new addition to your family 🙂

  2. So cute! The patterns and colors are just gorgeous! I’m sorry I had to miss the party, didn’t want to risk getting the guest of honor sick. 😦 One of these days I will go to something with your cookies!

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