Ellie’s 6th Birthday

If I could sum up the two things Ellie has been into this summer,  I would say roller skating and the “Rainbow Magic” fairy books. So having her birthday party at the skating rink was obvious. Making the theme “Zoe the Skating Fairy” was also obvious. So for about a month and a half, that is what we planned. I was going to make Zoe cookies, we would have Zoe on a cake, and I would make roller skating theme party favors (ribbon barrettes, jelly bracelets, lip smackers lip gloss, etc.).

Then about two weeks before the party, Ellie changed her mind. She now wanted the theme to be “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.” Really? I wasn’t all that excited anymore.

Finally, Bryan and I confronted her. We made her make a decision. I HAD to get started on the cookies (the most important aspect) after all. Fortunately, she had forgotten Jake (good thing, too, since she has also gone through a “Team Umi Zoomi” obsession, and now she’s back to “Doc McStuffins”), started reading a new fairy book, “Olympia the Games Fairy“, and discovered the Olympics. We agreed that we would have a “Retro 80’s Olympic Fairy Roller Skating” party.

We ordered her cake from Randolphs (an amazing bakery near us) because I didn’t want to have to worry about the cake and I knew they would do a great job.

They did such a great job incorporating “Olympia the Games Fairy” and “Zoe the Skating Fairy”.

I kept the original idea for party favors, just because when I think roller skating, I think ribbon barrettes and jelly bracelets.

Here is a close up of the cookies:

I LOVED how the Olympic Ring cookies turned out. They look so simple, but they are oh, so difficult.

So, Ellie had a blast. She declared this her best birthday party ever!!!!






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