Sixth Birthday Cake

Ellie is OBSESSED with the Olympics. She’s been staying up late in order to watch. She cheers and jumps up and down during competitions. I think that her Justin Bieber poster will probably soon be replaced by the USA Women’s Gymnastic Team. And I think she told her swim instructor that she wants to be Missy Franklin when she grows up.

So, of course, when I asked what theme she wanted for her birthday cake (the one I would make to have on her actual birthday, not the one she had at her party), she answered with an emphatic “Doc McStuffins!!!!”

Since I don’t really do gum paste figures, I thought the best way I could make Doc and some of her toys, would be to make them into cookies and stick them on the cake. I based the cookies on this printable  from DisneyFamily.Com. Normal people would just print this out and use them as cupcake toppers, like they were intended.

I baked a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and stuck the cookies all over it.

Oh, and in between the two layers of cake, I added some crushed Girl Scout Thin Mints mixed into the buttercream. It was really yummy. I recommend it if your birthday happens to be during cookie sale season. Or if you have a good enough hiding spot in your house for an extra box of Thin Mints 😉

And, of course, if you are having problems tracking down a Girl Scout, Ellie would love to sell you a few boxes when cookie season rolls around again, lol. (Nothing like planning six months ahead, right?)





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