Ballerina Cookies

I haven’t been online much this summer. I seriously started back in June with plans to post at least twice a week. I even made the cookies. I literally have the material for four posts sitting on my camera card. I even have cookies for two more posts already baked and in the freezer, ready to be defrosted and decorated whenever I felt like it. I have never been this ahead at anything, ever, in my life. And I guess it makes the procrastinator in me a little uncomfortable. So, of course, I dragged my feet when it came to editing the pictures and writing the posts.

I can’t entirely blame my tendency to procrastinate. That just shows that I really have no excuse. The truth is, this past month, I have rediscovered books. The problem with me reading, is that once I start a book, there is no such thing as real life until I finish.  I had to tear myself away from The Kitchen House to make these cookies. (And, if I am being honest, I had the book in one hand while I added flour with the other.)


The best thing about these cookies, is that they are really not as complicated as they look. I made the ballerinas the night before using RI transfers. Then I had the rest of the night free to read, as they dried fully. The next day I flooded the cookies and added the transfers. Then I had to wait for those to dry. More time to read. Then all I had to do was add the details. Piece of cake. The bows were especially easy, since I followed (more or less) this tutorial by Ali Bee.

Right now, I am in the middle of Defending Jacob. PLEASE don’t tell me how it ends. But I would appreciate any recommendations that you have. Especially since I have several posts all ready to go, and I can take a little baking break to read more 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ballerina Cookies

  1. Like you, I have posts ready to go, just have to watermark all the photos. Unfortunately I have at least 30 sets of cookies done and ready to go up on my blog, whenever I can squeeze in the time. It doesn’t seem to be happening… Love these ballerina cookies. I can’t for the life of me figure out how you got their tiny little delicate bodies to transfer to the cookies without breakage. I’ve made RI transfers a couple times and they worked fine, but your little ballerinas look so very delicate that I’d be hugely worried they would break! They are gorgeous!

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