One Last Summer Cookie (And a Giveaway!)

So, I found a cookie that I made waaaaay back in June. I even made a tutorial. It’s really not the world’s most difficult cookie. It may actually be the world’s easiest. And it’s been done, many, many times. But it is so customize-able that you can make it to match any theme, and if you are looking for a quick easy cookie to make for a Labor Day BBQ, you could start these Sunday morning and they could be ready on time.

And here it is… the flip flop. (If you’re over the flip flop and actually ready to pull out your Uggs, you can scroll past to the give-away. My feelings won’t be hurt. Disclaimer- I am NOT giving away a pair of Uggs.)

You’ll need

  • a flip flop cutter
  • piping icing in one color
  • thick flood (I like 5 count icing) in the same color as your piping icing and one other color

Using your flip flop cutter, cut out two flip flops, one the right way, and one with the unsharp side- so you have a left and right foot.

Outline the cookies in your piping icing.

Flood your cookies, one or two at a time, and immediately pipe on a design. At this point let dry for several hours, overnight if you can.

When the cookies are dry, pipe on the strap.

Recently, I mentioned that it would be awesome if I reached the number of FB likes equal to my birth year, before my birthday. I don’t know why that sounded so exciting to me, but it did. And since I have surpassed that number and my birthday isn’t for another month, I decided to celebrate with a giveaway.

For the past several months, I have been picking up some extra cookie cutters whenever I found one I liked. Since money is tight, and will only get tighter as Bryan goes back to school for his graduate degree, I don’t buy many cutters. Certainly not fancy ones. I have been hand cutting a lot lately. And it’s for this same reason that I have to keep this giveaway limited to US residents only (due to the cost of shipping out of the country). I apologize, and I promise that I will try to make up for it in three years when he is done, AND both kids will be out of daycare!!!!! Until he goes on for his doctorate anyway, lol.

So, to enter to win this box of random cookie cutters, go visit my FaceBook page, Ellie’s Bites Decorated CookiesΒ and find the little helicopter right under the banner, next to the boxes that say “Photos” and “Likes”. Click on that and it will tell you what to do next.

I’ll pick a winner Tuesday night and I will use the excitement as a way to numb myself to the fact that my baby girl starts first grade next Thursday!

Have a great holiday weekend. I hope you loved your summer like I loved mine!


35 thoughts on “One Last Summer Cookie (And a Giveaway!)

  1. Sorry, I totally did the comment before I clicked on the button that had the question. My favorite memory this summer was seeing my 3 year old finally decide that pools are fun and not a terrifying place (like it was last year).

  2. My favorite memory of summer will be when my baby turns 21 next week. We have a small group all going to the White Sox game and it’s Half Way to St Patricks Day night at the ball park!!!!! A party Im sure we’ll be talking about for a looooooooooooong time!

  3. My favorite memory of this summer was moving back to Austin, TX which I have been trying to do for some time but i finally got a great job up here and was able to move! Amazing!

  4. Hmmmm Favorite summer memory….well my first anwer was going to be chatting and getting closer with all my cookie besties, but Melisss done stole that…so for me, it would have to be having more time to spend with my son….the school year is so busy, and he is getting older, so I spent a lot of time with him, watching ball games….shopping…and making cookie together!

  5. My favorite summer memory overall is being able to spend more time with my daughter. She’s split between two homes, but during the summer she spends M,T, W & F with me. It’s precious time I’m so happy I have a job where I can work from home to be with her. She has also taken on the love of baking (or at least assisting in baking) and of course eating whatever I bake. She’s also decorated two sets of cookies for her friends completely by herself. These are memories, these little things, which mean the most to me.

  6. I think my favorite memory for this summer is all the cookies I got to make for so many wonderful people, 2 going away partys, plenty of birthdays including a sweet 16th, an 80th birthday, and 2 very special 21st birthdays, 1 of which is my baby lol and I can’t wait to make more in the fall Halloween and Christmas is coming oh the ideas floating in my head already lol

  7. My favorite summer memory was when I was a young girl and my parents took me to Disneyland! I felt like a princess going to her castle it was so much fun.

  8. My favorite summer 2012 summer memory is when my boyfriend proposed!! It was the most amazing, most memorable proposal- I couldn’t have asked for anything better! He asked me in front of our families and had a private dinner planned for all of us at a local restaurant. He also got my best friend, who is a photographer, to take pictures of the entire event so now we have all those beautiful pictures to look back on every day. The best surprise a girl could ever ask for!

  9. My favorite part of Summer 2012 was throwing a big Japanese/Ninja themed bash for my kids’ birthday with tons of family and friends and seeing everyone enjoy themselves. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  10. I enjoyed traveling with my husband to Seattle over fourth of July. We saw a Mariners game and toured the ballpark.

  11. My favorite memory from this summer was making 450 cookies, over 6 days with my oldest daughter helping me every night after work. Very sore hands, but great company and times.

  12. My favorite memory of summer was doing all the cool summer mini vactions with my 9 month old daughter and my husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. My favorite memory of summer 2012 was my granddaughter’s first birthday party! She was a little princess and had tons of fun – and loved her cake that Nana (me) made for her!

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