Inspiration Challenge: September {Pirates}

In honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th, I made some cookies to demonstrate a few of the things that you will need if you plan to celebrate.

First off,  you will need a red sash to tie around your waist and a pair of big brown boots.

Take your sword and knife, and tuck it into the back of your sash. It won’t show on the cookie, but it’s there.

The next thing you’ll need is a fancy eye patch (think “One-Eye’d Willy).

If you’re planning on going out and drinking a little spiced rum or boot leg whiskey to celebrate, you might want to take a Wench with you.

You may even want to bring two.

But don’t forget to bring a bouquet of roses for your Wench. Romance isn’t entirely dead, after all.

Whatever you do to celebrate, have fun. But please try to limit your pirate behavior to jargon and spiced rum. I’m pretty sure the other stereotypical pirate activities, like pillaging, are frowned upon. Probably even illegal.

Now go check out Melissa’s awesome pirate over at Simply Sweets by Honeybee. She seriously blows me away every month. You can also link up your version of pirate cookies over there.

Next month, we’re celebrating a more mainstream holiday. We’ll be “cookie-ing” Halloween candy. I guess it’s almost time to put summer behind us, and move on to fall!

10 thoughts on “Inspiration Challenge: September {Pirates}

    • I looked up the meaning of the word “wench” (in Urban Dictionary, so it’s definitely accurate, lol). And it actually means “voluptuous female pirate type woman…usually seen around taverns and bars, seaside fishing towns, and wherever pirates roam”. So, hopefully I didn’t offend anyone 🙂

  1. These are awesome if you don’t mind me asking what cutter did you use for the pirate body, I just love these and my oldest is a kid at heart so he’d love them thanks in advance
    P.S. I was a pirate ” WENCH” for halloween a couple years ago lol

      • Thank you for getting back to me and yes both ideas are very helpful I will look at my little boy cutter and see, if not hand cutting is certainly an option I’m not to hand cutting lol I hand cut alot too and I kinda thought you might have hand cut him again thank you

  2. STEPHANIE! WOW! Woot Woot! I am love with these cookies! The dresses are simple WONDERFUL! The details…the colors…the design..WOW! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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